Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Well I've done it

Hi everyone

Well the thought of creating a blog and actually doing it seems to be quite different. I was wondering if I would be able to do it but have pleasantly surprised myself!

About me - I am very new to Otago Polytechnic, have been here 5 weeks! I am at the School of Occupational Therapy. I lecture in the degree programme and co-ordinate the postgraduate programmes. Very busy and very interesting. Until moving to academia I was working clinically, my area of expertise is in Forensic Psychiatry, which is a specialist area of Mental Health.

I'm doing this course because I am just starting out on my teaching career and also am involved with our postgraduate programme. This is taught entirely by distance and I think the skills and knowledge I gain from this course will be invaluable. I'm also beginning my Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching and this will count towards it.

I'm a little naive when it comes to technology and what is available so I am keen to learn. At the moment I don't have questions but I'm sure they will come in thick and fast as we move through the course. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone over the coming weeks.


Carolyn said...

It was nice to meet you the other day Pen. Looking forward to getting to know you a bit through this blog. Interesting that we have two people with an interest in forensics, do you have something in common there do you think? It might lead to interesting discussion for us. However you have moved away from that now and into teaching. It takes a bit of adjusting I think, having moved from practice to teaching myself about 5 years ago, I feel that I now have a growing understanding for teaching. You never stop earning eh? It is good to be working towards this teaching qualification.

Bronwyn hegarty said...

Great work Pen and I just love the pink. Being naive about technology does not matter in the least if you are keen. I sense your enthusiasm to try new things and look forward to reading about your ideas about flexible learning.

Sarah Stewart said...

Looking forward to getting to know you more, Pen especially as we meet on the OT postgrad committee. cheers Sarah

Anonymous said...

"Pens pretty in pink blog site". Well done Penelope for getting it off the ground. I look forward to more discussions of tea break working out the how and the what. Fiona