Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Week Twelve: Flexible learning in Educational Organisations

The organisational document that I have chosen to use will be that of the Otago Polytechnic Charter.

The very first strategic goal that is outlined in the the charter is that of:

" To provide relevant, flexible and accessible learning opportunities which build capability, are stimulating and challenging and foster life long learning."

To me this is fairly obvious as relating to that of flexible learning. The word is in the statement! However I also believe there is a challenge there too. The aim of the flexible learning is that it is both stimulating and challenging and will foster an interest in life long learning. That to me is important, what I develop in this plan should be of a flexible nature but also promote the student to continue with the journey of learning.

" To developing and environment which stimulates creativity and supports innovation in all that we undertake"

Another statement which speaks to flexible learning. How each different student's creativity is stimulated will depend on how they learn. If we continue to deliver and assess in one set way then potentially we will lose students.

The other statement that spoke to me about flexible learning was that of equity. By providing equal opportunities to allow participation and success for all students means both delivery and assessment needs to be in a way that will ensure this.

Listening to the Elluminate presentation by Phill Kerr I was impressed with the commitment that Otago Polytechnic has to providing more flexibility for learners.

I believe the plan I have developed for the Postgraduate students at the School of Occupational Therapy fits nicely with the strategic goals of Otago Polytechnic.

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