Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Designing for Flexible Learning - Evaluation of Blog Posts

Evaluation of Blog Posts

Analysis and synthesis/Original thoughts/References, hyperlinks, attributions

Orientation and introductions

It was a good way to start into the process of blogging. I received the most comments to this post!

What is flexible learning?
I still hadn’t grasped the idea of hyperlinks at this stage. Little did I realise at this stage the amount of learning I was to embark on when it came to Flexible Learning!

Why we need flexible learning
As above, I was yet to learn how to hyperlink. Flexibility should be a priority when it comes to working with students. It’s more than just providing everything online!

Examples of Flexible Learning - distance, correspondence, online
I was able to relate this to postgrad courses at the School of Occupational Therapy as all three examples are used within the courses.

Examples of Flexible Learning - part time, block, blended
This is an area which needs to be investigated further, especially as the postgrad courses are by distance. Using a blend of online and teleconferences have aided feelings of community.

Examples of Flexible Learning - open, networked, RPL
RPL is definitely used within the School of Occupational however Open courses pose some difficulties. Students are required to meet entrance criteria to enrol and WFOT monitor the standards of the undergraduate programme.

Planning for flexible teaching and learning
Beginning to think about how I can develop a flexible learning project which would be appropriate to my area.

Issues with flexible learning - The modern Internet
The modern internet poses many issues, both with the speed that we can access as well as the issue of trying to validate the information that is available.

Issues with flexible learning - Sustainability
Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect to consider in my flexible learning project. This relates to the triple bottom line

Issues with flexible learning - access and equity
Access and equity is a large issue about why I have developed the project. Students and different levels of ability when using the internet and the hope is to create equity within the cohort.

Issues with flexible learning - Cultural diversity
Highlighted the different issues for me. Online courses have a culture in themselves and I found it interesting that internationally there are high drop out rates in online courses.

Flexible learning in educational organisations
It was good to see the commitment that the Polytechnic has to Flexible learning. The challenge is keeping it creative.

National and International support for flexible learning development
Research will be an important aspect to evaluating the success of this project.

Self assessment of Learning Outcomes
On the whole I believe I have achieved the learning outcomes as outlined on the Designing for Flexible Learning Wiki.

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