Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Evaluation - Designing Flexible Learning Plan

Evaluation of Designing for Flexible Learning Plan

Analysis and synthesis/Original thoughts/References, hyperlinks, attributions

Is this the executive summary? It was difficult to concisely summarise all of the information

Project background
There are a number of reasons to completing the project. It wasn’t till I started writing them that I realised how many.

Aims, objectives, outcomes
As the project is developing I’ve realised a number of aspects I need to include, this seems to be increasing.

Flexible learning analysis includes: Perceived flexible learning needs of target audience
The learning needs of the students are varied. They all however require consistent and reliable information.

Flexible learning analysis includes: Type of flexible learning services provided
An online support tool which the librarians from the Bill Robertson Library will be involved in. There was a lot to consider while completing this section.

Flexible learning analysis includes: Type of services which already exists.
Use of complimentary or competitive services
Though the library already has services available it is about working with them rather than in competition. The project and future projects will require open and honest communication.

Flexible learning services include: Sustainability - social, ecological and economical factors
Definitely an aspect that needs to be incorporated into the plan. It considers all aspects of the Triple Bottom Line.

Flexible learning services include: Access & equity
This is the aspect the project aims to achieve equity amongst students.

Flexible learning services include: Cultural diversity
There is a unique culture associated with online learning and addressing those needs is vital.

Alignment with (or change) to organisation's strategic direction
This definitely aligns with the Otago Polytechnics Strategic Goals. It aims to provide creative ways of addressing the needs of the students.

Finances to get the project up and running will come from within the Polytechnic while funding for a research project to evaluate the usefulness will come from outside agencies.

Time line for development
This has already begun and it’s anticipated it will be up and running by semester two. So far it is on track.

The learning theories relate to getting the students to try out the tool and then incorporate it into their learning.

Evidence that feedback has been incorporated
I’ve attempted to incorporate the feedback and answer the queries within the body of the plan rather than highlighting individual statements. I sourced feedback from face to face, pole on my blog, librarians and my colleagues.

Includes realistic ideas and solutions
I believe this is a realistic project, which I have already got underway. I think it will provide solutions to the difficulties/challenges the students have highlighted in the past.

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